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Restorations Improve Cosmetics and Function

When your tooth is damaged or decayed, you turn to your dentist to restore health and function back into your bite. Tooth colored restorations, free of amalgam, are used at our San Francisco dental office to give patients a beautiful smile that are bio-compatible and long-lasting. Omitting amalgam gives Dr. Russell Young the opportunity to create a seamless natural looking smile without any long-term repercussions traditionally associated with metal fillings.

Durable Restorations are Beautiful too! SF Star Dental excels in accommodating patient’s ideal smile while prioritizing their dental needs. When restoring your smile to its full potential, we consider the following criteria: 

Inlay/Onlay RestorationsColor matching – Dr. Russell Young understands that you want a confident smile. His tooth restorations are color matched to blend in naturally with your smile.

No dark lines or spots – The materials and procedures used will not leave traces of metal showing in your crown, bridge or filling.

Enhanced aesthetics – In addition to color matching, your restorations are designed to look natural in design. The size and shape of your restored tooth create a seamless aesthetic look that is indistinguishable from adjacent natural teeth.

Strength and durability – Special bonding techniques and strong materials are used to rebuild or replace teeth to create a healthy bite that will last. 

Tooth Bonding Preserves Maximum amount of Natural Tooth 

Dr. Russell Young uses a tooth bonding method on resin composites and a curing light to harden the material in place. This conservative restoration dental method is used for all of our restorations to preserve the most natural tooth possible. 

Advantages of Tooth Bonding Tooth Conservative Dentist

- Affordable alternative to veneers and crowns

- Removes the least amount of natural tooth

- No amalgam (metal)

- Resin composites do not expand or contract like amalgam therefore less prone to fracturing teeth 

Dr. Russell Young practices teeth conservative dentistry to maintain the best oral health possible for his patients. When restoration procedures or replacements are necessary, he will choose the materials and procedures necessary to improve your oral health, function and beautiful smile. Contact Dr. Young’s San Francisco office for more information or to schedule an appointment. San Francisco Star Dental is located on the corner of Daniel Burnham Court and Van Ness Ave, less than one mile from San Francisco City Hall. 

Contact Us.We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.
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