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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry for Improved Function and Aesthetics

Having a beautiful, radiant smile is something nearly everyone can appreciate. It goes a long way toward improving self-esteem and confidence. More than just being aesthetically appealing, though, a beautiful smile is also a healthy smile. 
Cosmetic dental procedures have the potential to restore dental health and function that may have been lost due to accidents or years of wear. 

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Philosophy

Dr. Young and his compassionate staff at SF Star Dental believe strongly in enhancing aesthetics while simultaneously improving the function of the mouth and teeth. We believe in taking a conservative approach to dental procedures, leaving as much of the original mouth and tooth structure in place as possible and choosing the least-invasive procedures available. Our patients seeking cosmetic dental work come away with a natural-looking smile and improved dental health.

Our Cosmetic ServicesCosmetic dentists in San Francisco

SF Star Dental in San Francisco offers a variety of cosmetic procedures with your dental health and well-being in mind. Whether you just want to brighten your smile or need something more comprehensive, we are here to help!

Professional teeth whitening: SF Star Dental offers Nu Radiance whitening gel. This whitening system is incredibly convenient for our patients. We’ll create custom trays for you in the office, and you can do all of the whitening at home.

Occlusal adjustment: An aligned bite is imperative to good dental health. At SF Star Dental, we use Invisalign® to help improve the function of the bite, ultimately enhancing both function and beauty.

Porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays: Dr. Young has years of experience working with porcelain veneers and also restoring porcelain onlays/inlays. These procedures dramatically improve the appearance of the smile while correcting issues with the bite and tooth function.

Composite, tooth-colored fillings and tooth bonding: These procedures improve the color of the tooth. And in the case of fillings, also repair cavities, ensuring optimal dental health for years to come. Tooth bonding will help rebuild a damaged tooth without having to remove healthy dentition.

Dental implant restorations: Working in conjunction with oral surgeons and periodontists, Dr. Young will create natural looking implant restorations for patients receiving new implants. We will also restore ones that have been damaged. Well-maintained dental implants go a long way toward keeping the bone and soft tissue of the mouth healthy.

Crowns and bridges: These two procedures are another example of restorative procedures provided at SF Star Dental that can both enhance the appearance and function of the mouth. 

Laser therapy for gums: Some of our patients come to us with concerns about the shape or appearance of their gums. Dr. Young can reshape the gums using gentle laser therapy.

Enhance Your Smile Today

At SF Star Dental in San Francisco, our number one goal is to improve your oral health for the long-term. Through preventive education and maintenance care, Dr. Young is able to help protect patients’ dentition. By providing restorations that focus on strengthening your bite and supporting function with cosmetic appeal, Dr. young gives patients a smile they can be proud of. 

If you’ve been contemplating cosmetic dental work, set up your appointment today. Contact our San Francisco office to find out more.



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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.
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