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Welcome to SF Star Dental! Our San Francisco dental practice offers personalized service for teeth conservative dentistry - we save as much healthy tooth possible. General dentist, Dr. Russell C. Young provides quality treatments and to aesthetically improve oral health, function, and beauty.

“We provide a warm and caring environment to patients so they can receive the best quality care to have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.”

Improving your smile

As a general dentist in San Francisco, Dr. Young strives to help families reach and maintain optimum oral health through education and instruction, the staff at SF Star Dental work to provide patients the tools to improve at-home teeth and gum care.

As a part of our focus on teeth conservation, we offer many dental procedures to repair damage and improve the health of teeth and gums. Our long-term durable restorations and treatments include:

SF Star Dental strives to give patients an aesthetic restoration which will help to preserve the integrity of their teeth and gums with extractions being a last resort option.

Patient Experience

Our team is dedicated to providing gentle care at every visit. New patients are welcomed warmly and given thorough oral health exams in which Dr. Young and his hygienists get to know the patient and their oral health concerns. As a family practice, we accept patients of all ages and pay attention to health histories to detect any dental problems and provide preventive care. 

Because a patient’s overall health is important, SF Star Dental will not use amalgam fillings. Besides the long-term risks of Mercury in the mouth, amalgam fillings are not as durable. We utilize strong bonding techniques to keep a quality composite filling, inlay and onlay in place to protect and improve the strength of a patient’s bite.

As a part of our conservative care approach and focus on preventive treatment, we provide new patients with a gum stimulator and show them to clean the hard-to-reach areas between teeth while at home. 

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We want you to have a great experience with us. We offer a new patient special that includes your initial exam, necessary x-rays and cleaning (in the absence of gum disease) at an affordable price. Contact our San Francisco dental office to find out more about how we can bring improved health, function and beauty back to your smile.

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